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Our Mission

We, the members of Torrence Chapel AME Zion Church are committed to sharing the good news through Evangelism, building people's faith through Discipleship, helping people connect with God through Worship, helping people connect with other believers through Friendship and Fellowship, and helping people discover and develop their God-given gifts and use them to help others.

At Our Church, God Gets All The Glory!

Join our fellowship and meet new people in the community at Torrence Chapel AME Zion Church. Located in Cornelius, NC, in the Lake Norman area, we offer Sunday service and a variety of church events for you to become involved. Established in 1869, we have been sharing the word of God ever since. Join us on Sundays and Wednesdays for our worship service and Bible Study.

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9:00 a.m.

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10:00 a.m.


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12:00 p.m

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7:00 p.m.

The Word Proclaimed:
Sunday, October 18, 2020
"Get It Together and Step Into Your Miracle"
Scriptural Text: Joshua 3:11-17 
Rev. Ellison Bowman, Sr.


There was a miracle that happened as the children of Israel crossed the Jordan. Are you expecting a miracle? Sometimes in order to receive a miracle that Gods has for us, we have to get it together. We have to sometimes take the first step. It often starts when we take a realistic look at our lives. In this scripture, they find themselves in a familiar place. Forty years prior, their forefathers had experienced a faith failure on the edge of their breakthrough! And as a result forfeited their promise. However, they were still God's people. And at this particular time, He had sustained them for forty years afterwards. He did this until the doubters died off! They died destiny-poor!! One of the greatest tragedy in life is to live and never discover your destiny. But worst is to live, discover your destiny AND then forfeit it! So who wants ALL that God has promised you? Remember....a promise comes with a price! There is a "Jordan" for every one of us. It's what stands between you and your promise! You get to it by FAITH!

Point #1

If you want to receive your blessing (your miracle), you MUST:  Have a Word and obey that Word. If you want to cross your Jordan, you must have a word from God (v.9). You can't wait until you set the break in the waves settle or until it feels right. Don't doubt God. It's time to act on faith. You have to get your feet wait and step in. How long have you been doing what doesn't work? Do it God's way! If you get a word from God, you can be assured and have peace. Also, when you obey God's word, you can move into the overflow! (Numbers 23:19, Psalms 114-5)

Point #2

If you want to receive your blessing (your miracle), you MUST:  Know in your heart that all things are possible if you only believe. By them standing there at the river, they initiated the miracle for the children of Israel. They were crazy enough to believe that when God says is possible. Their faith made a way for them! Someone is coming through on your praise! Someone is going to make it because you praised in the middle of your "Jordan". That's why it's important to lift Him up and magnifiy Him during your times of trouble. (v.17). It's something about praising in the middle of your circumstances. It gets God's attention. All it takes is a little praise! When you praise, God has a way of taking the shackles off your feet! (Acts 16:25-26) Your miracle is on the way! 

Point #3

When you get it together and step into your miracle, somebody else is going to be blessed.  At the end of their journey through Jordan, there was no residue on them!  Shouldn't there have been mud on them?!  With God's hands in it, you can come out looking better than when you went in!  There will be no evidence of what you've been through!!!


So get ready to step out in to your miracle!  In your miracle, there is healing! In your miracle, there is deliverance! In your miracle, God will see you through!  Praise Him while you're going through because God has a miracle for you!!!

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Share your love for God with others in the community with Torrence Chapel AME Zion Church. Our church is based in Cornelius. However, we offer services for people all throughout the greater Lake Norman and metro Charlotte, NC area. Our church's purpose is to recruit Christians and give spiritual guidance to them. Bible study is offered twice every Wednesday.  So join in and learn more about our Lord and Savior. We also have seven choirs: the Strollers, Torrence Chapel Gospel Choir, Senior Choir, Men's Choir, Messengers, Mass Choir, and our children's choir, Chenaniah.